What are SARMs and how are they used for bodybuilding?

What are SARMs?

Selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM is a type of drug, which is chemically similar to the known anabolic steroids. It can increase the muscle growth and can stimulate the loss of fat but to a lower degree. The drug has its serious side effects including increased hair loss, reduced natural testosterone production and an increased risk of cancer.

Many people, however, claim that SARMs are the ultimate supplements for the bodybuilders who keep health in mind. The SARMs are quite a few on the market, some are stronger and others offer a higher risk. The more popular SARS include GSX-007 or S-4 (Andarine) and GW-501516 (Cardarine), LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) and MK-2866 or GTx-024 (Ostarine), as well as LGD-3303.

SARMs have not yet been approved for medical usage and are being sold as research chemicals. In order to find out how the drugs work, we need to know how the hormones work. The body uses the hormones to communicated with the cells. The androgens are hormones that are in charge of the masculinity and the most popular one is the testosterone. When the body is under normal circumstances, it can regulate the production of androgen. When the anabolic steroids enter the body, then the cells get full of androgens and the receptors get fully saturated and the muscle cells start growing. However, the athletes should be aware that there are side effects of this steroids and sometimes the damage they do is permanent.

SARMs are designed in such a way as to tell the muscle cells to grow but save them the mess of the anabolic steroids. They do this in two ways – they work with certain tissues such as muscle and bone, and do not affect the liver, brain or prostate; and they do not break down into undesired molecules which cause side effects. In addition, SARMs are not that powerful as the regular steroids and do not suppress the production of the natural testosterone. That is why SARMs are easier to recover from.

Originally developed for people that suffer from osteoporosis, muscle wasting, anemia and fatigue. Today many athletes and bodybuilders use them during the cutting cycle as they help them retain less mass without increasing the water retention. In other words, SARMs are not as powerful as the other, so called traditional steroids, but at the same time they are more effective than the natural creatine, for example.

Are SARMS legal?

SARMs can be sold legally as research chemicals, which means that the only people allowed to buy them are scientists. Yet, many are available for an online sale and are quite popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

The types of SARMs

LGD-4033 (also known as anabolicum) is a type of SARM, which is mostly used during a calorie deficit in order to prevent muscle wasting. By taking it, the users feel strength, a boost in the lean muscle mass, and fat loss. The recommended dosage for this SARS is 5-10 mgs per day.

MK-2866 (also known as ostarine) is a popular SARM used on cycle that at proper dosages can be used in PCT or bridge. When it is used for 4 weeks at 25 mgs a day, the drug is not suppressive. The intake of MK-2866 results in fat loss, lean muscle mass, and healing of soft tissues.

S4 (known as andarine) is another SARM famous for its ability to increase strength and reduce fat. The normal dosage is between 25 - 75 mgs per day.

RAD140 (known as Testolone) is the SARM that is the most powerful one. The recommended daily dosage is 10mg a day. The drug can boost the libido and the lean muscle mass.

SARMs are still in clinical trials and are not approved as medication in Europe, Australia and the United States. They can be purchased online, however the safety and the quality with such online purchase cannot be regulated.

SARMS for bodybuilding

SARMS can be taken in the processes of stacking and cutting. They could be used solo or in a stack. The stacking of GW501516 with trenbolone is recommended as it helps with endurance problems. The result is fat loss and increased endurance. Ostarine could be used to preserve the soft tissues healthy. The post cycle therapy is very important here as it ensures the soft landing of the anabolics. SR9009, GW501516, and nutrobal are non-suppressive and could be utilized during the post cycle therapy. Other users take Ostarine to prevent muscle wasting.

Nutrobal is also good for bulking, as it increases the hunger. LGD further helps by boosting the lean muscle mass.

GW and SR are used during the cutting cycle as they are very good at fat loss. The combination of GW and S4 with eating in a deficit shows great results. Creatine can be stacked with all types of SARM in order to boost the recovery and gains. The most popular SARM is the triple stack, which combines S4, GW, and Ostarine to result in fat loss, lean muscle gains, and an endurance boost.

SARMS side effects

SARMs are non-steroids that are still lacking proper research on human beings. Currently we do not have a lot of information how they work and which could be their potential long-term side effects. In addition, as SARMs are sold only online, there is no control over their quality.

SARMs are known to suppress the production of the natural testosterone levels and the sperm count. In order for the natural testosterone productions to recover, the body needs up to five weeks, which is a lot.

Many athletes consider SARMs as free of side effects, but that is not the case. They do have side effects but they are minimal when SARMs are taken in small doses. SARMs also are easier to recover from compared to the regular steroids. SARMs however may increase the risk of cancer. In other words, SARMs are considered less harmful than the traditional steroids yet they are not studied well and bring a risk.

The side effects of SR and GW are minimal when used at proper dosages. MK-2866 is suppressive when used at more than 25 mgs per day, for more than 4 weeks, and thus a PCT is needed after that. MK-677’ biggest complaint is the hunger issue, as well as internal growths, carpal tunnel and bloating. Since S4 binds to receptors around the eyes they can cause vision issues if taken at higher dosages, and a PCT is needed. RAD140 is extremely strong and suppressive and should be run with a PCT after using it. LGD side effects are suppression.

Where to buy SARMS online?

SARMS are sold legally only for research purposes and this creates a very difficult situation for the consumers. Some producers sell SARMs which might also contain other fillers and harmful contaminants. With all that being said, SARMS should only be taken from approved sources.