What is a Corticosteroid, where to get it and how to use it for bodybuilding?

What is a corticosteroid?

Corticosteroids are drugs which lower the body inflammation and reduce the activity of the immune system. They ease the itching and swelling, the allergic reactions and redness and are often prescribed by doctors in cases of asthma and arthritis, allergies and lupus. Corticosteroids are also prescribed in cases of organ transplants and autoimmune diseases.

The corticosteroids resemble the cortisol, which is the hormone that is naturally produced by the adrenal glands of the body. The body needs cortisol in order to be healthy, since cortisol plays a vital role in many processes that are going on in the body such as stress, immune response and metabolism.

Corticosteroids are performance enhancers and can be localized or systemic. The localized steroids are designed to target a specific part of the body and can be applied through eye drops, ear drops, skin creams and inhalers. They treat conditions such as hives and asthma. The systemic steroids are able to move through the blood in order to assist more body parts. They are delivered either orally or through an IV, or with a needle into the muscle. These steroids treat multiple sclerosis and lupus.

There are many common corticosteroids and the most popular brands include Mometasone (inhaled), Decadron (oral), Cotolone (injection) and Aristocort (topical).

The most popular Corticosteroids

Testosterone Suspension – considered among the best bodybuilders’ drug. It guarantees strength gain, however due to its short half-life, the drug has to be taken daily and in order to offer optimal results, it should be shot up twice a day.

Insulin – this substance is not a steroid; however, it is very important for the anabolic growth of the muscle. Insulin acts by driving the glucose into the cells and muscles. Insulin is a protein which is very similar to the growth hormone. Insulin reduces the muscle breakdown and promotes the muscle growth.

Trenbolone Acetate – a mighty steroid, Tren is three times more effective than the testosterone. It helps the athletes increase their strength and power, while not causing water retention. The athlete enjoys lean and dense muscle and great strength. Due to the short ester of the drug, it should be taken on an every-other-day basis. The pill can impair the kidney function. Thus the ratio of your dosage of testosterone should be balanced when taking Tren.

Dianabol - one of the first steroids developed for bodybuilders, which is easily administered and provides long-lasting and solid results. The drug increases the insulin and is administered during periods of extreme stress. The intake leads to synthesis of Ribonucleic acid that brings increased appetite, lower levels of stress, a relaxed feeling and sounder sleep.

The downside is that it causes suppression of the natural production of testosterone, and thus an exogenous testosterone supplement has to be taken to fight these side-effects and keep the level of testosterone. The drug makes the body retain water, so high doses for a long period of time can cause liver damage.

Growth Hormone – this supplementation brings many benefits - it causes growth in muscle tissue and speeds up the protein-synthesizing effect of testosterone. It leads to larger muscles but also larger bones, face and intestines. No strength gains are detected.

Corticosteroid side effects

Certain side effects can occur with the inhaled, tropical and injected steroids. Most of the side effects come from the oral steroids. The side effects from the inhaled corticosteroids include sore throat and cough, minor nosebleeds and difficulty speaking.

The side effects from the injected topical corticosteroids include acne and thin skin, as well as red skin lesions, insomnia and high blood sugar. The side effects from the intake of oral steroids include blurred vision and water retention, acne, increase of the appetite and weight gain, but also stomach irritation, mood changes and sleeping difficulties, high blood pressure, muscle weakness.

Naturally, not every user will develop side effects. In fact, the side effects vary from one person to the other and the high doses for longer periods increase the likelihood of such side effects.

Corticosteroid injection

The corticosteroids are medications with effects on the body inflammation, helping in every step to reduce the inflammation. Corticosteroids can be taken orally, inhaled or injected either in the blood stream or in a specific area of the body (shots). In order to limit the side effects, local injections are the most preferred ones for specific joints or tendon. However, in case the inflammation is more severe, then systemic steroids are required.

The short-term effects of the corticosteroids are rare and can include infection, bleeding, soreness, shrinkage. Users with diabetes should know that the cortisone injections can increase the blood sugar. This treatment method is also not suitable for people that have blood clotting treatment.

The long-term side effects usually depend on the dosage and how often the treatment is taken. The higher doses and the frequent shots can lead to easy bruising, weight gain, skin thinning and bone thinning, higher blood pressure.

Before the corticosteroid injection, a numbing lotion or spray has to be applied on that spot, after which a bandage over the place should be placed.

Corticosteroid creams

The oral anabolic and the injectable steroids are the most common ones, however the steroid creams are also popular and usually treat low testosterone or act as an anti-inflammatory cure. Athletes use the steroid creams with the THG product. The pure testosterone is the most common form of steroid cream and it is applied by rubbing it on the skin under the arms or shoulders wherefrom it absorbs in the body. This application may result in skin irritation and rash.

Sometimes corticosteroids can be life-saving and live-changing medications, however their long-term usage can be risky for the health. There are certain things that users should consider. If using corticosteroid creams children can face stunted growth, chickenpox and measles. Adults should be aware of the fact that corticosteroids usage can result in high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

Some medical conditions also affect the usage of the corticosteroids such as tuberculosis, stomach problems, glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, recent injury or surgery. Certain corticosteroids also interact with the food taken and especially with the grapefruit juice.

The side effects can be minimized if the dosage is reduced, a healthy diet is followed and the blood pressure is checked.

Where to buy corticosteroids online?

Finally, it should be said that corticosteroids are powerful anti-inflammatory medications which can treat diseases such as asthma, arthritis, and lupus. They corticosteroids can come with some serious side effects, yet steps can be taken to minimize those side effects.